Why Your Employees Need Community and Inclusion Now

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I just returned from the Global HRD Congress in Mumbai where I received the Global Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Award and also led a panel on Diversity, Inclusion and Innovation. The conference was amazing. Not just because of the incredible people I met from over 100 countries, but also because of how included the conference organizers made us feel, and…

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Diversity and Inclusion is Now Relevant More Than Ever

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A long-term client recently called me worried that Diversity and Inclusion would be put on the business back burner. “What will happen to support for Diversity and Inclusions now that Trump is president,” he asked. I replied with three of my own questions, “Are you still committed? Do you still see the business benefits? Are you going to continue leveraging…

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Why Diversity and Inclusion Starts With Hello

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Diversity and Inclusion Starts With Hello   September is coming fast as people return to work, school, and home.  This is a great opportunity to strike up a conversation with new people and break out of social and work silos. There are three common threads through countless interviews and focus groups I’ve conducted in a wide range of organizations: 1-  …

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Beyond Theory- Putting Diversity Management Into Action

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 Here is an action you can take to leverage diversity and prevent biased thinking. Inclusionist Leadership Action #1 Be conscious of your visceral reaction or any thoughts or judgements you have about the next 3 people you see.  What story immediately comes to mind without a second thought? Notice their age, clothing, skin color, age and any other visible characteristics at…

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