Preparing To Talk About Race

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Talking About Race, Sometimes Awkward But Always Necessary; Let’s start now Talking about race with people who are different than you can be awkward and uncomfortable, but it’s necessary and doable. The fact is racism exists, racial conflict exists, and inequality still exists. If you’re interested in beginning the conversation read on. Even some people who work in the diversity…

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Three Business Benefits of Diversity and Inclusion

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A reporter asked me for three business benefits of diversity. Here is my response 1- Breakthrough innovation in products and services Research in the US and Europe shows that breakthrough innovation is increased and accelerated by diversity and inclusion when certain factors are in place- • Senior leadership has a diversity and inclusion mindset • People know each other on…

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Ten Ways Diversity and Inclusion Can Foster Innovation

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Ten Ways To Foster Amazing Innovation Through Diversity Leadership   In this business era of speed, competition and globalization, innovation rules all. You never know where the next great product, process or profit builder will originate. Good Diversity Management and Culturally Intelligent Leadership can make the difference between repeatedly hearing mediocre ideas from the same people, or mining the hidden…

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Practical Strategies for Gender Communication

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Before you read   This article talks about cultural norms, and not meant to stereotype. Gender Communication is on a continuum and people’s styles can be a mixture. Some men use a more collaborative, consensus style and some women use a more hierarchical or more task related style. Knowing your default style can help you be more flexible and get results. What can…

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How Employers Can Celebrate Diversity As They Celebrate the Holidays

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Here are a few ways  employers can do to celebrate diversity, make their workplaces more inclusive during the holidays, and increase employee participation at work: – Make sure your Holiday party isn’t a Christmas party in disguise. Decorations and food should be general, and non-specific to any religion.  – Consider having a New Year’s Party instead of a Holiday party….

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You Can't Pretend You Don't See Diversity, and Why Would You?

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When I talk about diversity and  inclusion,  or creating inclusive cultures where everyone can participate, to leaders and managers of projects and organizations here in the US, and elsewhere I often hear people say, either, “I treat everyone the same, or underneath we’re all the same.” Everyone is not the same, and it’s impossible to treat everyone the same Both…

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