The Somewhere of Bias

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Whether we like it or not, everyone has bias. As much as many of us want to think of ourselves as unbiased, we are products of our personal history, messages we’ve received growing up from people around us, the media, peers and people in authority. We’ve also learned to interpret events based on our experiences and individual perspectives. Because we…

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Diversity and Inclusion Live Under Our Umbrella

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A recent email message said, “It seems like every time I read the news, there is some story about racism, homophobia, transphobia, bigotry, agism, gender discrimination. What’s going on? In the “old days “ you didn’t hear about all of this discrimination. It’s because people are overly sensitive. You can’t say anything without being accused of wrong doing.” The sender…

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Three Ways to Prevent Discrimination in Your Business

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Three Ways to Prevent  Discrimination in Your Business Whether discrimination is unintentional or intentional, the impact is the same, and no amount of rationalization makes it acceptable.  Here are three ways you can prevent discrimination in your business. 1- Be conscious of your personal biases and learns to filter them out. Bias and wrong assumptions won’t go away without intervention….

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