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Cultural Intelligence and Diversity Drives Global Business

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  The increase in international mergers and acquisitions, the norming of global teams, and the degree to which profit margins and innovation are dependent on doing business with people across the diversity spectrum means that people in organizations need to be flexible and constantly adapt to new ways of doing business. What worked for global payroll ten years ago, may…

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Major Missteps That Make Mergers Fail

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  A reporter asked me for three reasons that mergersa and acquisitions fail. Here are the reasons I gave, along with solutions. 1– Not seeing mergers and acquisitions as a diversity and inclusion issue between organizations. When people feel left out and/or that they have no control of a situation, they create “facts’ and information to fit the gaps. This…

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The Secret Success Strategy Everyone Needs to Know

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You’ve volunteered for a project where you can use your unique skills, talents, and experiences to add value to your company. You’re thinking strategically, and more people are taking notice. Let’s talk about what you can do to leverage your work on this project even more. If your project involves senior leaders from your department, don’t let your brilliance  get…

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