The Somewhere of Bias

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Whether we like it or not, everyone has bias. As much as many of us want to think of ourselves as unbiased, we are products of our personal history, messages we’ve received growing up from people around us, the media, peers and people in authority. We’ve also learned to interpret events based on our experiences and individual perspectives. Because we…

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Transgender Danger in the Bathroom

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After posting an article on LinkedIn about Target and Transgender rights including using the right bathroom, someone asked why I would use the word hater for someone who just had a different point of view. She said that it was just a disagreement about whether men should use the women’s bathroom and women should use the men’s bathroom. Unfortunately, a…

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Benefits of Filtering Out Bias

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A key component of any diversity and inclusion/ culture change process is the ability to understand one’s own biases and assumptions.  Learning to recognize personal unconscious biases and assumptions, enables leaders to see the world through other peoples’ eyes, and practice “inclusionist leadership” behaviors.  This results in  employees having opportunity and motivation to use their skills and experience to be…

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Really Want to Manage Diversity and Support Inclusion? Time to Stop Labeling Others

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In order to be effective with other people, and support diversity and inclusion beyond theory, you have to be aware of your actions and behaviors in relationship to others.  Because of our biases and incorrect assumptions, we end up labeling people and treating them as a label.  People don’t know that they are being labeled but end up acting the…

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How to Overcome Job Interview Biases

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Interview Bias Your job interview is tomorrow. You know your appearance will matter, so you polish your shoes and brush your hair. You realize your interviewer will have your resume in hand, so you’ve come prepared to explain every minute detail included on it. You’ve even done practice interviews and prepared your responses to all the trick questions. Are you…

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