Is it Racist to Talk About Race? Is Glenn Beck Really Out of His Mind?

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Is it Racist to Talk About Race? Is Glenn Beck Really Out of His Mind? Well, Glenn Beck on Fox News seems to think it is. He says that Obama is a “racist.” I don’t think Obama should have commented on the Gates arrest until he had all the information. That was a mistake. Does that make him a “racist?”…

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Democratizing Democracy- President Obama

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The optimism is contagious today. I stood with 4,000 other people watching Obama get sworn in. Restaurants, community centers, and banks in the Sf Bay Area set up large screens so that people could watch with other people. The atmosphere was electric; people clapping, crying and hugging each other. I drove by a restaurant that had opened all the window…

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Ralph Nader claims Obama talking "too white"

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I am a consultant specializing in diversity and inclusion. I have also facilitated dialogues on race for over 20 years. I do not use the word racist lightly, but I think that Ralph Nader’s statement that Obama talks “too white,” was extremely racist and patronizing. I know that was not his intention but intention does not always equal impact. African-American…

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Geraldine Ferraro: subverting diversity thinking or negative strategy

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Rather than being forced to apologize or step down, someone needs to educate her and challenge the thinking behind those remarks. I’m sure there are other people who are thinking and saying that but not in public. I don’t know if she is “a racist” but her comment sounded like a racist remark even if that was not her intention….

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