Three Ways to Stop Diversity Stress

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Stop Diversity Stress   Working with people who are different than you can be stressful but it doesn’t have to be. It may be hard for many of us to admit, especially with all the conversation about diversity, equity and inclusion. Denying being uncomfortable won’t make you more comfortable. If you’ve ever experienced “Diversity Stress,” and want stop it, keep reading….

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Diversity Sees Color

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Pretending to be color blind is not a virtue and is not diversity. Everyone sees color unless you can’t see or are physically color blind. When you think color blindness is a virtue, you’re saying it’s bad to see color, or that color is a negative. The problem is not whether you see color, it’s whether you judge one skin…

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Stop Hating- Chicago Anti-Diversity Dyke Marchers

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It’s crazy when I see the ultra-left and the ultra-right merging in their ignorance, hatred and narrow-mindedness. Too bad we can’t send them to an island to fight it out or whatever they want to do with their leisure, elitest, exclusionary time. I just wish they would stay out of my city, gay pride (right wing Christians picketing and ultra-left…

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