Here is an action you can take to leverage diversity and prevent biased thinking.

Inclusionist Leadership Action #1
 Be conscious of your visceral reaction or any thoughts or judgements you have about the next 3 people you see.  What story immediately comes to mind without a second thought?

Notice their age, clothing, skin color, age and any other visible characteristics at the root of your bias and first story.

Next create a different story about what they do and who they are. Seeing other possibilities will help filter out your biases and wrong assumptions about people.

Ex. You’re an extroverted White woman at a  large dinner party interacting in a discussion with different people sitting near you.
You’re sitting next to a Black woman named Charlene who is not looking at you nor engaging in your discussion. You turn you back to Charlene and ignore her the rest of the evening.

After the dinner you approach the host and tell her that you know Charlene doesn’t like White people because she wouldn’t talk to you

The host who is also White informs you that Charlene is her best friend and is extremely shy in groups and does much better in direct one-on-one interaction, and that in fact the two of you share a love of spectator sports.