Offer Extended- Equity Across the Gender Divide

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From: SIMMALIEBERMAN.COM <> Subject: Equity Across the Gender Divide deadline extension Preheader: January 2018 Reply: Having trouble viewing this email? Click here We’re happy to extend the special offer for this exciting program until January 31, 2018, because of the number of requests we’ve received from organizations in the last week. Equity Across the Gender Divide, Beyond Sexual Harassment Greetings, We…

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Special Offer- Stop Sexual Harassment

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 Stop and prevent sexual harassment, sexual misconduct and gender inequity. Get it right in 2018 with our new offering, Equity Across the Gender Divide, Beyond Sexual Harassment Greetings, Every day we read about someone new being charged with sexual harassment. No industry seems to be immune, and some abusers target men as well as women. Responsible organizations are seeking solutions,…

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Sexual Harassment and “Me Too”

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Accusations of sexual harassment and sexual assault against film producer Harvey Weinstein have recently exposed behaviors in Hollywood towards many women and some men. As a result, Alyssa Milano adopted the now-hashtag #MeToo, taking from a campaign that started 20 years ago with activist Tarana Burke. For many people reading about Weinstein, there is an “it’s about time,” feeling about sexual…

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Three Reasons Diversity and Inclusion Goes Nowhere

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Diversity and Inclusion is a process but if the process isn’t practiced, diversity and inclusion will just be a good idea. Here are three reasons Diversity and Inclusion may go nowhere. When employees’ skills and knowledge are recognized, appreciated and utilized, they are more engaged in contributing to an organizations’ success. They are more willing to go the extra mile…

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Five Ways To Demonstrate Diversity Leadership for an Inclusive Season

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Here are five ways to demonstrate diversity leadership and make this an inclusive season for everyone in your organization. 1- Provide opportunities for employees to share symbols and stories about the holidays and important events they observe. Items can be placed on display with a written description describing the tradition. This can be an opportunity to learn about different cultures…

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Pitfalls of Recruiting a Diverse Workforce

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The United States population is diverse. It’s no longer a question of when the workforce will change. It already has. There has been a huge increase in women, people of color and immigrants in the workforce in the last 25 years. Diversity is not just a good idea today. It is a business imperative if you want to stay competitive…

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Can Conservatives Be Included In The Diversity Conversation?

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Someone on LinkedIn recently  directed this question to me. My answer was  “I don’t get the question. Some of my best clients have been conservatives through the years. They understand diversity and Inclusion as it relates to innovation, profit and expanded markets. How are you defining conservative. They support everyone having opportunities to do their best work so they look…

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