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August 2009 – Simma's Tips for Workplace Inclusion

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Do Your Employees Know Your Name?
Do your employees know your name? Do they even know why your organization exists? If the answer to one or both of these questions is “no,” you cannot possibly have an inclusive culture in your organization. And if that’s the case, you are not optimizing your business results.

Two revealing interactions with employees in the last month caused me to ask these questions.

1) I call a large hotel asking for the general manager by name. The person answering the phone responds, “I don’t show any guests registered by that name.”

When I tell him that the woman I’m asking for is the general manager of the hotel, he says, “Oh, I’ll look in the directory.”

2) I try to reach a client who is the CEO of a Fortune 500 corporation. Since I didn’t have his direct number with me, I get the operator. I ask for the CEO by name and the operator asks me what department he works in. I tell her he is the CEO. She says he’s not at that location, and gives me a number at another location. The operator at the other location connects me to his assistant, who puts me right through. When I tell the CEO that the operator didn’t even know who he was, he’s surprised and says he had just assumed everyone in his company of 75,000 employees knows his name.
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Seven Steps for Inclusive Leadership

Identify key information you want your employees to know.
Review communication processes in your organization: how information is provided and how it is received.
Assess the effectiveness of current communication processes in reaching all employee levels.

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Simma helps organizations create more profitable cultures and improve individual and organizational performance. She is a consultant, speaker, and trainer. Simma is the co-author of Putting Diversity to Work (Crisp Publications, 2003), a guide for managers on leading a diverse workforce. Simma is often called “The Inclusionist” because of her ability to improve communication amongst people who are different.

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