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Are We a Nation of Cowards Regarding Race? Diversity Alone is Not Enough

By November 24, 2011 No Comments

As the Inclusionist, with a life and passion for diversity and inclusion, I know that there are three changes that must take place in this country to get us on a sane, rational road regarding race.

1- –Acknowledge that racism, bias and discrimination exists, that it is often unconscious, and that everyone with a bias is not a racist, and can learn, and open their minds.

2- There needs to be a national dialogue on race, which will actually bring us closer and unify us. (There will always be those people that are haters to the bone, but they would be isolated.)

3- We all have to be willing to accept that people in the groups that we identify with whether it’s race, ethnicity, religion, politics, etc. are capable of very bad, and even criminal and immoral behavior. It’s their actions as individual, and is not a reflection on you, or the whole group.

So, I challenge you to begin thinking about these three points, and begin to engage in conversation or dialogue with someone who is very different, and listen to them without interrupting, or sticking your fingers in your ears.

Until each of us is ready to take these three steps, we’ll continue reading ridiculous claims from people, who not only are afraid to have a meaningful dialogue about race, but who use it for their convenience, like manipulative five year old children, who blame the cat for breaking their parents’ HD television.