What We Do

Simma Lieberman creates inclusive workplaces where employees love to do their best work, and customers love to do business.


We collaborate with our clients to help create cultures that result in performance improvement and increased profit. We ensure that your diversity and inclusion strategy stays alive at every level, every day, in every system and process.

We will work with you to ensure that every employee is involved in the process and that your initiative is integrated into your business systems and processes.


  • Diversity and Inclusion Culture Strategy from the C Suite to first line employees
  • Baseline and Post Culture Change Organizational Assessments
  • Diversity and Inclusion Business Integration
  • Building the three pillared community; leaders, employees, and customers
  • Lowering the stress level in your organizational culture

Coaching and Advising

  • Executive Coaching
    We help people develop and implement career success strategies . Whether you are in senior leadership, or a rising star, we recognize that coaching is very personal, There is no one size or methodology that fits all. We partner with you to make the right choices, take the right actions, and develop the right relationships so you can become an outstanding leader with wide reaching influence.
  • Group coaching
    Simma’s group coaching processes result in participants creating clear visions, and setting and meeting objectives. There is an emphasis on accountability
  • Diversity and Inclusion Executive Leadership Coaching
  • Executive Level Stress Management Coaching

Speaking Topics – Plenary and Break-out Sessions

  • The Changing Concepts of Diversity; why mono-cultural programs are outdated
  • Allies Are Good for Business; seven ways to be one
  • Diversity, Difference, and Dialogue; a new strategy for working together
  • Five Strategies to Uncover and Unlock Hidden Genius in Your Organization
  • Nine Ways to Reap the Rewards of LGBT Inclusion
  • Ten Inclusionist Leadership Behaviors
  • Breaking Through Small Unconscious Biases That Cause Big Problems
  • The Myths and Realities of Communicating Across Generations
  • Power Listening; Are you hearing what they are saying
  • Three Way Employee Life/Work Balance
  • Easing Executive Stress

Training and Facilitation/Teleseminars/Webinars

  • Creating an inclusive workplace
  • Leading With Cultural Intelligence
  • Leveraging Diversity and inclusion
  • Unleashing Diversity of Thought
  • Cross-Generational Communication; myths and realities
  • LGBT Inclusion
  • Breaking Through Biases and Assumptions
  • Best Diversity Management
  • Stress Management for the Motivated
  • Putting Diversity to Work: how to successfully lead a diverse workforce
  • Diversity and Inclusion/Culture Integration Conversations
  • Moderating panel discussions or emceeing events
  • Diversity, Difference, and Dialogue

Simma Lieberman, has developed the 3D (Diversity, Difference, and Dialogue) Process to bring groups and individuals together to become comfortable with uncomfortable issues, and dramatically improve the way people communicate with each other across any difference.

Women’s Success Programs

Training, Speaking, Coaching, Webinars/Teleseminars

What Smart Business Women Need to Know About Winning in Business; how to take you place and your space (This is one of Simma’s most popular programs with women across the world)